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the virulent thorn
I've spent the morning trailing after Gwenyth in Knockturn Alley and am not entirely amused. Granted, the shops were much more pleasing to be dragged in and out of than the shops in Diagon Alley, but she's becoming quite a pain with all the shopping she wants to do.

However, today, thankfully, was more eventful than the others. As I said the shops are certainly more pleasing to be dragged in and out of and there is the fact that one can often find much more interesting objects, such as the rare opal necklace I bought. One can, also, bump into other fine, pureblooded wizards and witches that have the same interests as you do.
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Terribly sorry I've not been gracing you all with my presence, but I've been spending my days, and evenings, with a lovely witch I've met.

Today, we were merely strolling down Diagon Alley all day, though at one point we ended up in Knockturn Alley, while shopping for gifts here and there. I do enjoy spending time with her.
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I've come back to these journals in search of...idle amusement and there's none to be had.


Yes, perhaps it's time to return to London and find a new object to toy with during the upcoming holidays.

Or possibly...

No. No, I couldn't. Except that I think I might. Yes. Yes, I think I will.

Oh, and terribly sorry for your loss, Longbottom.
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I long for a day when it's customary for people to cut one's tongue out when one bores you. At least then I would not have to listen to that infernal, babbling Ministry worker. Honestly, you stab someone in the hand and they think you have homicidal tendencies.

Oh well, I suppose I ought to congratulate the pair that's gotten engaged while I'm drawn to these journals by caged boredom. I'd congratulate you personally, but I seem to have forgotten your names. Pity.
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I am utterly bored here at the manor. With sister gone to Durmstrang, I've only my mother for company, as the house elves are a bore, and unfortunately mother has been a bit short with me since her little incident.

I see now that not even these journals seem to provide any sort of...entertainment.

Perhaps it is time I took a little trip back to London.
I'll be moving back in with mother and sister for a bit at the old manor. Mother had a bit of an accident last night and although the best of Healers healed her quite well, we all decided it would be best if I were back at the manor.

I'm to watch over her to be sure that she does not over strain herself.

Unfortunately, I've had to resign from Eaton Advertising even though Emory would have been more than accommodating. Nonetheless, it was to happen sooner or later and I chose sooner.
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I'll see my mother dead before I see her marry that man. It's not even been three years since father has died and she is willingly taking the hand of my own uncle, my dead father's brother, in marriage.

She has even gone so far to forbid me from contacting my younger sister until I've "calmed down" and "stopped all my ridiculous nonsense". Nonsense, she calls it! She has no right to say anything of the sort when she doesn't understand!

I will certainly not stand for any of it. Not after all I have done!
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I really detest all sorts of law enforcement, but I absolutely loathe the muggle police.
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There has still been no word on miss Charlotte since the last time I contacted her family. Her mother has already fallen ill with grief and has not been eating and her father begins to fear the worse as I do. I, myself, have not been able to work, but Mr Eaton has been quite consolidating and considerate these past weeks and has allowed me the time off to stay at the manor near to my own family.

Mother and Lyneth have been more than helpful of course, but I am guilty for wanting to continue on with my own life and feeling there is nothing more that I can do in the matter of miss Charolette.

Therefore, although there is the matter of finishing some business in the country, I've decided to return to London. It seems from these journals, I've missed quite enough and I will have much to catch up on. I often wish that I had the Daily Prophet delivered to the manor more often as I tend to miss things, but I prefer to be secluded, with the exception of the family, when there.
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Charlotte has been missing for a few days now. No post to say when she would be in or where she is. I do hope she was no where near Beaulieu when the Death Eaters happened to attack. I've contacted her family and they are just as worried as I am. They've assured me that they will contact me the moment they've heard from her and now I suppose there is nothing to be done except to wait for word.

Aside from that, I've discovered that that awful odour comes from the small Apothecary shop, not too far from Eaton Advertising. Terribly sorry to disappoint those who thought it was me.

I've decided to go stay at the manor for a few days and perhaps visit both my mother and sister while I'm near them. I shall leave notice for Charlotte's parents at where they can reach me in hopes that they receive word from her.
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In matters regarding the Daily Prophet, how awful.


And his poor wife, running around out there all alone. I don't suppose they've found her yet have they?
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I do love it when they try to resist.
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Has Diagon Alley always smelled like rotten cabbage or is this new? I must keep the window in my office closed to ward away any of those revolting smells. I wonder if it all has to do with some of the people that are walking among the alley.

Enough of that despicable alley though, I shall need to refurnish the office they have given me at Eaton Advertising. The way it is now is not entirely suitable for my tastes. Emory has already given me the go ahead to have it refurnished, it should be a matter of days before I have made it my own. It reminds me that I still need to redo the study at the manor, but that of course can wait as I will not be returning to there any time soon.

It is to be noted that I have a secretary. I've learned that she is muggle-born, which has, needless to say, surprised me as I do not see Emory the type to hire...her kind. Nonetheless, she is there, in her place, and she is quite good at making tea.

It is also of note that I will begin working on the new advertising campaign for the publishing company, Obscurus Books. It is said that it will appear at one of the upcoming Quidditch matches if chosen.

However, it seems I have gone and rambled on long enough like that one bloke, Gildeory Lockhart, which, dare I say, is incredibly utterly revolting of me to do so.
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It is suffice to say that the meeting with Emory went extremely well as I shall be starting at Eaton Advertising soon. It should be quite...interesting to say the least.
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I'm rather tired of all this werewolf business. Even that ghastly Ministry worker decided to bring it up today on her weekly visit.

Frankly, they should all be destroyed.
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Ah, there seems to be a good use for these blasted things after all.

  • Ignore the sopping wet Ministry worker staring at me.
  • Dinner with mother.
  • Meeting tomorrow with Emory Eaton at eight.
  • Attend gallery opening tonight of Hewitt Bostwick.
  • Remember to give Scrap- Scrip- oh, that blasted house elf a bit of clothes.
  • See about having the study redesigned.
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    It seems the old muggle woman next door has gone and died of natural causes. Tragic.

    Really, the old woman should have been more careful. Banging her cane against the walls and asking if I should like to come over for tea in the middle of the night is quite strenuous for someone her age
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    That woman from the Ministry dropped by this afternoon again on one of her weekly visits and handed me this...journal of sorts. She said she picked it up from the bookstore and had the nerve to think it would be best if I wrote how I felt.

    How I feel? I feel as though I have been in a breech of my privacy since the Ministry has taken to watching me and raiding my homes with the rapidly growing “activity” lately. Now they have taken to these weekly visits to make sure that I am in line. I would think they would have more important things to do than to bother me.

    Clearly, I am not amused at all.

    Because one may have a general dislike toward most muggleborns means absolutely nothing. It’s not as if I am going to slit the throat of the first one I come across. Voldemort’s followers are clearly already doing that.

    I should hope that the Ministry be able to concentrate more on other such things and these ridiculous meetings will come to an end. It is certainly a damper on my week when the Ministry worker comes every Sunday to visit and not to mention embarrassing when an official shows up at your place of private residence when you have...guests.
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